3-Phase Power Transducer Application

Product Application Notes

The ENVIROMUX 3-Phase Power Transducer monitors and reports kW real power of any 3 phase circuit, such as the power a building consumes. Connect the 4-20mA output lead to the ENVIROMUX-S420MA 4-20mA Sensor Converter with the ISA Type 2 connection method.

ISA Type 2 Connection:
  • Connect the Positive (+) lead from the Power Transducer to the Negative (-) terminal of either group 1 or group 2 of the terminal block on the Sensor Converter.
  • Connect the Negative (-) lead to the Earth Ground terminal in the same group.
  • Connect the Shield (S) lead to the chassis ground.
  • Connect one end of a short wire to the Positive (+) terminal, and connect the other end of the wire to the 18V terminal.

Note: For the Single CT model on a balanced load, multiply output by the number of voltage leads connected to conductors (usually 2 or 3) for proper kW indication.

Three CT Model:

Example application

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