Sense the Barometric Pressure of an Enclosed Space

Product Application Notes

The E-BPT Barometric Pressure Transmitter will sense the barometric pressure levels of the space in which it is located. The E-BPT is designed for wall mounting in locations that are free of dirt, grease, food particles and condensing moisture such as clean rooms, computer rooms, laboratory type environments, or any air space where changes in barometric pressure must be monitored and controlled.

When connected to an E-S420MA-24V 4-20mA Sensor Converter using 2-wire cable, the E-BPT will sense barometric pressure sending status information to an E-2D/5D/16D up to 500 feet away from the E-S420MA-24V. The E-BPT has a measurement range of 20.8 to 32 in.HG (10.2 to 15.72 psi) with an accuracy of ± 0.14in. HG (0.07 psi). The barometric pressure level can be monitored remotely by connecting to the E-2D/5D/16D through an Ethernet connection. Additionally, the E-2D/5D/16D can be configured to send alerts via email, SMS, SNMP, and syslog if pressure levels reach configurable alert values.

Extend VGA Video using CAT5 cable terminated with M12 connectors

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