Serial Control using AMX NetLinx® Controller

Product Application Notes

Control a VEEMUX Audio/Video Matrix Switch using an AMX NI-2100 NetLinx® Controller with a terminal emulator such as HyperTerminal. Use a Null Modem cable to connect the PC COM port to the AMX Program port. For connecting the AMX RS-232 port to the VEEMUX, use a straight thru, DB-9 Male to DB-9 Female cable. For some NTI products, a DB-9 to RJ-45 adapter may be required, refer to the product's User Manual for more information.

Terminal Session:
  • AMX factory default baud rate: 38400
  • Data Bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop Bits: 1
  • Flow Control: None

Type echo on <Enter> to view the characters while entering commands. You should see a ">" command prompt in the terminal window.

Configuring the AMX RS-232 Port:
The baud rate of the AMX RS-232 port that is connected to the VEEMUX must be set to match the baud rate of the VEEMUX.
In the terminal window, type: SEND_COMMAND 5001:1:1,'SET BAUD 9600,N,8,1'<Enter>
Assumes factory default configuration and AMX RS-232 port 1.

Testing the connection:
In the terminal window, type: PASS 5001:1:1<Enter>
The unit responds with "Entering pass mode."
In the terminal window, type: ++<Esc>A
The unit responds with "-- Ascii mode --"

You should now be able to enter VEEMUX commands:
In the terminal window, type: RU 01<Enter>
The unit responds with "*<CR>IP,OP<CR>"
Where IP is the number of Input Ports and OP is the number of Output Ports on the attached VEEMUX.

Using the AMX SEND_STRING Command:
The AMX SEND_STRING command can be used to send a string of characters to the VEEMUX. The string can be any valid VEEMUX command. The AMX controller must not be in Pass Through mode.
To exit Pass Through mode: In the terminal window, type: ++<Esc><Esc>
The unit responds with "Exiting pass mode."

Example: To connect Input 1 to Output 3 on VEEMUX Unit 1.
In the terminal window, type: SEND_STRING 5001:1:1,"'CS 01,01,03',13"
The VEEMUX should make the connection Input 1 to Output 3, and should indicate on the LCD that the connection has been made.

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