About VESA Standard

VESA® stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, an international non-profit corporation which represents more than 100 corporate members worldwide, and sets industry-wide interface standards for computing environments. Monitor manufacturers worldwide agreed on the VESA standard, and most LCD monitors come with the VESA 100/75 standard mounting hole pattern, which means a hole pattern on the back of the monitor: 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm (2.95in. x 2.95in. or 3.94in. x 3.94in.). The diameter of the screws are 4mm. The four holes may be centered or located on the lower edge of the monitor. On some models, the original foot or stand may need to be removed in order to expose the 4 holes. However, if the electronics are located in the stand, do not remove it - the LCD will not mount to any arm.
VESA standard mounting hole dimensions

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