Cabling & Adapters
    KVM Switch requirements
    1. Do NTI KVM switches require special cabling?
    In most cases, No. Where special cables or adapters are required, information on the required parts will appear in the product description pages on this website. If you have additional questions, contact Customer Service at 800-742-8324.

    Distance and signal strength of keyboard, mouse & video
    2. How far can I extend my video without signal loss?
    Without a booster box/extender
  • Keyboard and mouse cables can be extended to distances of 100 feet without booster boxes.
  • VGA 1900x1200 high resolution video can be extended through 250 feet and SUN video through 250 feet without ghosting or degradation.
  • Using NTI's VGA cables and a MEXT-ADP adapter to adapt VGA to MAC, 1900x1200 Macintosh video can be extended to 100 feet.
    With a booster box/extender
  • PS/2 and PC-AT style keyboards and mice can span distances of 500 feet with the addition of an external power adapter.
  • SUN and MAC keyboard cables can extend through 250 feet when boosted by external power.

    Using Adapters
    3. Why can't I just use an adapter to convert a VGA signal?
    A VGA signal needs five signals to operate properly. Although the plugs will physically fit, internally this will not work, as the signal isn't being transmitted properly.

    4. I am unable to get my V-IM9-D adapter to work on an ST-xU. Am I doing something wrong?
    First, verify that the adapter is being used between the switch and the CPU only, not between the mouse and the switch.

    If that is not the problem, find out what type of mouse is being used. A V-IM9-D emulates a standard (PC) two-button mouse only.

    5. Can NTI create custom-length cables?
    Yes, contact Customer Service at 800-742-8324 and we will be happy to recommend a solution to meet your needs.

    6. What is a KVM extender/booster box? How does it work?
    A KVM extender, also known as a booster box, is a device utilized to boost the signal. Because NTI's superior cable construction allows high-resolution video without booster boxes and no degradation of signal or ghosting, NTI products do not require a KVM extender.

    7. Do I need booster boxes for VGA cables longer than 25 feet?
    No. With our VGA cables you do not need any booster boxes. We proprietarily design our VGA cables up to 500ft. (For cables longer than 150 feet, the more cost effective way is to go with our CAT 5 video only extenders.) For more information visit the URL to our website at or contact our sales department at 800-742-8324.

    8. What is the farthest length I can place the KVM switch from the computers?
    Our standard cables can be ordered in lengths up to 100 feet. Call Customer Service at 800-742-8324 for more information on our custom cable lengths relating to your specific applications.

    9. How far can I locate the keyboard, monitor and mouse from the KVM switch? Can I position my system unit in a secure environment with the keyboard, monitor and mouse in a separate location?
    Video Cables
    NTI's video cables allow you to locate the switch & CPUs up to 250 feet from the keyboard, monitor and mouse with crisp and clear 1900x1200 resolution, or up to 500 feet at 800x600 VGA resolution, with no degradation of signal.

    Keyboard & Mice Cables
    NTI's PC-AT & PS/2 Keyboard and Mouce Cables allow you to go 500 feet with the addition of an external power adapter, while Sun and Mac Keyboard and Mouce cables can extend through 250 feet when boosted by an external power adapter.