Compatibility Issues
    General Compatibility
    1. Can I connect NTI KVM switch products to each other?
    Yes. In fact, NTI products are designed to work together to provide our customers with a total solution.

    2. Will NTI products interfere with my network or software?
    No, since NTI products connect directly to the keyboard, monitor and mice ports on the computer, the switch does not interfere with any software or the network.

    3. Can I combine NTI switches with switches from other manufacturers?
    We design our switches to ensure problem-free interaction among the different models in our complete line of switches and splitters. Because we have no control over other manufacturers' specifications, NTI does not authorize the use of other manufacturers' switches with ours.

    4. Do NTI's KVM switches provide the constant keyboard and mouse emulation needed by programs such as Windows NT?
    Yes, all servers will boot and operate flawlessly. Since NTI products dedicate a microprocessor for each connected computer and provide complete PS/2 emulation for keyboard and mouse, each computer will receive the constant keyboard and mouse emulation it needs with programs like Windows NT and UNIX.

    5. Are NTI KVM switches compatible with the Microsoft IntelliMouse?
    All of NTI's KVM switches that support the PS/2 platform, including the Universal switches, support the use of the Microsoft IntelliMouse.

    Operating System Compatibility
    6. If I change my operating system, will I have to change my NTI switch?
    No, our line of KVM switches is compatible with any operating system. Because NTI switches are a hardware device, no software resides on your computer and the switch does not affect the software at all. Therefore, the switches are transparent to the operating system.

    7. Will the switch interfere with an operating system's ability to detect Plug and Play monitors?
    Yes it will. NTI switches are designed to be used with standard monitors and do not support Plug and Play at this time.

    Peripheral Compatibility
    8. What type of peripherals (keyboard, monitor and mouse) can I use with NTI switches and splitters? Which NTI KVM switches support my mouse with scroll wheel or other special mice?
    Detailed information regarding the peripherals supported by different NTI models are available on the product description pages on this website, or by contacting Customer Support at 800-742-8324.

    To use a Logitech mouse with scroll wheel, see the instructions in the answer to question 9.

    9. Why won't my special mouse (a Logitech 3-button mouse) work with my Universal switch?
    The problem with your 3-button mouse is due to the Logitech driver supplied with the mouse. To solve this problem, uninstall the Logitech driver and then install the Microsoft IntelliMouse driver on your computer. The third button on the Logitech 3-button mouse will work effectively with the NTI Universal KVM switch.

    Most problems with special mice can be solved by installing the Microsoft IntelliMouse driver. If installing this driver does not solve your problem, or if you have additional questions, contact Customer Service at 800-742-8324.

    10.I have CPUs that use serial only mice. Can I attach them to an NTI switch? What if I want to use a Logitech mouse with this system?
    Yes. You need to order the VOPEX-IM9D adapter and install it between the NTI switch and the serial only CPU. This will allow you to use almost any type of PS/2 mouse. See FAQ #9 regarding possible driver problems with the Logitech mouse.

    11. Can I use PS/2- and AT-style keyboard computers together? Can I use one mouse for both PS/2- and AT-style computers?
    Yes, but you will need to order a 5-pin to 6-pin adapter. In order to use one mouse for both the PS/2- and AT-style computers, you might need a PS/2 mouse card and a VOPEX-IM9D which will convert the PS/2 signal to a serial. Contact Customer Service at 800-742-8324 for assistance.

    12. Can I use a USB keyboard with an NTI switch?
    NTI switches do not support USB keyboards at this time.

    13. Why does the keyboard mapping seem to be wrong on my Alphaserver running Digital UNIX?
    As a temporary fix:
    Type the following at a command prompt:
    "sysconfig -r gpc_input kbd_scancode=2"

    For a permanent solution:
    Modify the by doing the following:
    1) Create a stanza file (for example, named kbd.stanza) using a text editor. The first line should read "gpc_input:" and the second line should read "kbd_scancode=2"
    2) Modify the file by using the following command (assuming kbd.stanza was the name of the file you created in Step 1):
    "sysconfigdb -a -f kbd.stanza"

    14. What should I check if I am unable to work my keyboard and mouse through my NTI switch?
    First, check your DIP switches on the front panel. If these are set correctly, then check your cables to make sure they are connected properly. If you are still unable to access keyboard and mouse, call 800-742-8324 for NTI tech support.

    15. When I enter the CTRL* command, why doesn't my computer enter the command mode?
    You must use the * above the number pad, not SHIFT-8.

    16. When using my Macintosh computer with a universal kvm switch, the video has a greenish cast. How can I make the color accurate?
    This problem occurs with multi-sync monitors that do not support sync-on-green and is not a problem caused by the kvm switch. Macintosh and several other types of computers have a sync-on-green signal, a sync signal that rides with the green video (sync-on-green) resulting in a green cast to monitor displays. A special unit is needed to strip the sync off the green signal, resulting in normal screen color.

    One solution is to replace your monitor with a MAC monitor that accepts a sync-on-green signal.

    There are third-party solutions which will convert sync on green to a more standard sync signal(s). One such solution is the Dedicated VGA & MAC Interface produced by Extron Electronics. Contact Extron's Technical Support at 800-633-9876 or visit their website at

    17. Are Modular Matrix plug-in modules available to support digital flat panel monitors, such as the SGI flat panel, which use an OpenLDI connector (as opposed to VGA)? If not, what options would be available if the video card on my system has an OpenLDI connector?
    No, NTI products do not support the OpenLDI connector at this time.

    18. With the Modular Matrix KVM switch, does the video output on the plug-in cards support output to a non-VGA monitor such as the Sun monitor?
    The Modular Matrix KVM switch is designed to work with some Sun monitors, although not all. Contact Customer Service at 800-742-8324 with the model information for your monitor and we will be able to ascertain if your monitor is supported.

    19. I would like to add a PowerBook G3 to an ST-1x2-MMP system by cascading on another switch, while maintaining appropriate resolution on my 17-inch Multiscan Monitor. Can I add the lower-cost SW-4M15D-2 mechanical switch or do I need the KEEMUX-M2 electronic switch to maintain the resolution I prefer?
    NTI's mechanical switches are not designed for use with high-resolution monitors, and will degrade the picture. You can use a mechanical switch for low resolution or in situations where a crisp picture is not an issue.