KVM Splitters
    1. Can I attach multiple control locations to a single CPU?
    Yes, our KVM splitters allow you to attach up to four control locations to a single CPU.

    2. Are NTI's splitting devices amplified and buffered?
    Yes, NTI's splitting devices are amplified and buffered. (See the Definitions link for explanations of these terms.)

    3. Can I use NTI's KVM switches with USB enabled computers and standard SUNs, MACs or PCs?
    Yes. You can connect USB enabled computers with standard SUN, MAC or PC computers. For example, to connect one USB enabled computer with one PC use NTI's KEEMUX-P2-U. To connect USB enabled MAC computers with SUNs, MACs, or PCs, use NTI's USB-ADB adapter. For more information contact our sales department at 800-742-8324.

    4. What is the maximum number of CPUs I can attach to one KVM Switch?
    With the capability to cascade, NTI's line of Multi-User/Multi-Platform KVM switches can control up to 512 CPUs from one keyboard, monitor and mouse or NTI's line of Single User KVM Switches can control up to 128 CPU's from one keyboard, monitor and mouse.

    5. How can I protect my splitters from unauthorized users?
    NTI offers keylock configurations to control access. NTI can design a keylock system to fit your needs - limiting access to particular functions or all functions. Contact Customer Service at 800-742-8324 to discuss your particular needs.