Power Issues
    Power Failures
    1. Will my servers crash if power to my NTI KVM switch is lost?
    If the power failure affects the outlet for the KVM switch only (not the computers), any SUNs attached to the switch should not crash.

    It is best to have the KVM switch, as well as all CPUs, attached to a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for protection during a power failure.

    2. How can I protect multiple user KVM switches attached to my mission-critical servers?
    NTI's Dual-Redundant Power Supply Option gives you one "back up" supply for each of the switch's voltage levels and instantly replaces lost power in case of a failure. This option will allow you to hot-swap individual plug-in power supplies from the chassis without interfering with switch operation.

    Used in such critical installations as:
  • Military testing of missile launch systems, war games and intelligence.
  • Hospital monitoring systems
  • University testing facilities
  • Telephone switching equipment

    Power-up sequence
    3. Is there a power-up sequence I should follow?
    Yes, your NTI switch must be turned on FIRST, then turn on your computers.

    4. Is there a way I can ensure that the KVM switch powers up before the CPUs after a power failure?
    Solutions such as delay relays are available from third-party vendors.