Video & Resolution / Refresh Rates
    1. What is the maximum resolution NTI KVM switches will support?
    NTI switches extend guaranteed crisp and clear 1900x1200 high resolution through 250 feet, or 800x600 VGA resolution through 500 feet, with no degradation of signal.

    2. If some other manufacturers use 50MHz bandwidth, why does NTI use 150 MHz bandwidth?
    The increased bandwidth will ensure a 1900x1200 resolution without degradation.

    3. Why am I unable to get the video to work on my MAC or SUN CPU?
    If your MAC or SUN CPU is not working:

    1) First, verify the DIP switch settings are set for the correct video adapter.

    2) If you have verified the DIP switch settings and you are still unable to get a video signal, then make sure the CPU doesn't have power sequence via the keyboard. Try the video hooked directly to your monitor. If there is no video at all, verify that your monitor is compatible (multi-scan/multi-sync).

    3) If video will work while directly hooked to the CPU, but not when hooked to the switch, and you have verified that the DIP settings are correct, the unit will need to be sent back for repair. Call 800-742-8324 for Customer Service.

    Refresh Rates
    4. What kind of video refresh rates can be expected at high resolutions such as 1280x1024?
    Our switches can handle vertical refresh rates up to 100Hz.

    Resolution/Refresh Rates
    5. Can NTI switches support different resolutions and refresh rates for the same monitor with different systems connected to the switch?
    Yes, but you must use a Multisync monitor. In general, your monitor must support the highest resolution/refresh rate necessary for the attached CPUs in order to fully support all of your CPUs.