1. Should I anticipate any problems with NTI products due to the Year 2000 issue?
    *No, Because our products are hardware, designed to pass on the information presented to them in the keyboard, video monitor and mouse signals and do not perform date calculations. These products and systems should not be affected by the year 2000 millenium shift. However, NTI cannot vouch or be held responsible for the fitness of other manufacturers' hardware or software, even if they are used in conjunction with NTI's products.

    *THIS YEAR 2000 STATEMENT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION OF ANY KIND, AND IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The Year 2000 Statement refers to NTI products delivered by NTI. The Statement does not constitute a warranty or extend the terms of any existing warranty. The information available from NTI concerning the Year 2000 is provided for the sole purpose of assisting NTI customers in their Year 2000 strategic and transition planning.