Customer Testimonial:

HDTV Extender via CAT5

"One of my biggest challenges I have is getting High Definition Video from a central distribution location to remote video monitors. My original solution was to run 3 mini RG6 cables to the locations required. That had mixed results. I then tried using adapters that took a component video input and transmits the signal via CAT5E to the remote video monitor. These units worked well with the exception of the ghosting 60 Hz scrolling across the screen. The manufacturers told me it was the way we installed the wire. We later learned that was not the case. We were in a dire strait with our clients. We then discovered NTI's HDTV Extender. We purchased the HDTV Extender and hurray, it worked. My clients are very happy with the results. We are now in the process of replacing all our previous HDTV adapter installations with NTI's HDTV Extenders. Yes it is costing us more for these units, but our goal is to provide the very best to our customers."

Bill Leaton
Smart House Authorized Home Center
Winter Springs, FL

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