Ethernet Control for SERIMUX® Console Serial Port Switch

Ethernet Control for SERIMUX® Console Serial Port Switch
The Ethernet Control option for SERIMUX Console Serial Port Switches allows you to alternatively control the switch via the Internet via the Web Interface or Telnet. Depending on your preferences for controlling your serial port switch, you may feel more comfortable using the Web Interface for simple tasks, and Telnet for more complex configurations.

Command Line Interface (CLI)
Telnet to the Command Line Interface of the SERIMUX through a standard Telnet client (HyperTerminal, Tera Term, PuTTY, PuTTYtel, etc.) to perform configuration tasks such as running scripts, saving configuration settings, restoring configuration settings, and restoring default settings. You can display and configure port parameters, connect/disconnect ports, clear the port buffer, view/modify user list/settings, configure telnet base port, update firmware, and more. The commands are keyword based, nested in a hierarchical format. Command autocompletion is available by typing a partial command, and then pressing the TAB key once. If you press the TAB key twice, context sensitive help can guide you to the correct commands. Check out our helpful guide for updating firmware via the Command Line Interface for the SERIMUX-CS-x.

Web Interface
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a popular way to encrypt information over the Internet. Websites use SSL to create an encrypted channel allowing you to send and receive data securely. The Ethernet Option on the SERIMUX Console Serial Port Switch allows you to securely configure the console switch via the SERIMUX website. Through the website, you can manage ports and users, clear the Port Buffer, create and initiate modem connections, and other administrative tasks safely and conveniently.

Check out our web server product demo for the SERIMUX Console Serial Port Switch by visiting our web server interface demo, or Telnet to IP Address:, using port: 23, username: guest, password: guest. Connected to Port 1 within the demo is a Proteon GTS VPN Router, no username or password required. Only one user at a time is allowed to Telnet to the SERIMUX-CS-x Console Switch. If the connection is not working, someone else is logged in, and try again later.

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