Plug-in Modules
    1. Can I install plug-in modules for a particular platform into any slot on NTI's Modular Matrix KVM Switch?
    Yes, there are no designated slots for any particular platform. The Modular Matrix KVM switch is designed to be flexible enough to allow installation of any plug-in module in any slot.

    2. How many slots does the Modular Matrix KVM switch have?
    Modular Matrix KVM switches are available in models to accommodate from 8 to 32 CPUs and from 2 to 8 users. Used in conjunction with the ST-MX-x Multiplexer Box, up to 8 users can share up to 512 PC, SUN and MAC CPUs.

    3. I installed a new CPU Module and now I can't address it. What is wrong?
    Check the jumper blocks per page 8 of the downloadable PDF Manual 025 located at the bottom of the ST-nXm Modular Matrix KVM Switch page.