Cascade Multiple Quad Screen Splitters to Simultaneously Display Video from 16 Sources on One Monitor

The SPLITMUX-DVI-4(RT) can be cascaded to simultaneously display video from up to 16 sources on a single screen. A master/slave setup is used for this configuration – a master splitter connects to four slave splitters, with each slave splitter connecting to four DVI video sources.

The display, keyboard and mouse (or a touch screen monitor) are connected to the output of the master unit. Each input of the master unit must be connected to the output of a slave unit, with each slave unit input connected to a DVI video source.

To simultaneously display video from all 16 sources on a single monitor, all five Quad Screen Splitters (1 master, 4 slaves) must have Quad Mode set as the display mode. The master unit splits the screen into four, with each quadrant displaying video from one slave. Each slave unit will further split its display quadrant into four, with video from each source taking up a sixteenth of the screen. Refer to the diagram below for a visual representation of the configuration.

Cascade Multiple Quad Screen Splitters

If less than four Quad Screen Splitters are cascaded, the unused channels on the master splitter will need to be disabled. Example: if two Quad Screen Splitters are cascaded from the master splitter, and connected to inputs one and two, then inputs three and four would need to be disabled.


  • Higher refresh rates output smoother video, but the best frame rate that can be displayed for each quadrant on the display is about 12 frames/sec for the SPLITMUX-DVI-4, and 60 frames/sec for the SPLITMUX-DVI-4RT.
  • Display modes (Quad, Picture in Picture, Dual, Fullscreen etc.) of slaves and masters can be individually set, combined, and switched when cascading multiple units. Any combination is possible.
    • Example set up:
      • Master unit: Quad mode
      • Slave 1: Picture in Picture
      • Slave 2: Fullscreen
      • Slave 3: Quad
      • Slave 4: Dual
  • Use a programmable keyboard for comfortable switching of cascaded units. Refer to the SPLITMUX-DVI-4 manual (page 75) or the SPLITMUX-DVI-4RT manual (page 100) for more information on hotkey switching of cascaded units.
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