Enviromux GSM-USB

This blog is to introduce you to our latest product offering, the ENVIROMUX GSM-USB. The GSM-USB can be used with the ENVIROMUX SEMS 16, the IPDU-S4,  and the IPDU-S8 units to send out SMS messages when a sensor goes into alarm. One of the key advantages of using the ENVIROMUX-GSM-USB is remote notification. If either you, or the unit are in a remote location, you can be notified immediately with an SMS message on your cell phone when there is an alarm. A GSM modem can be a quick way to get started with SMS alerts, because a special subscription to an SMS service provider is not required.


Secure Remote Power Control Unit with USB GSM Modem

When you receive your GSM-USB you will first need to purchase a GSM-capable SIM card from your a mobile operator. When you have a card, you will be able to insert it into the SIM card slot on the side of the modem. Once installed you will be able to connect to the USB port of either the ENVIROMUX SEMS 16, IPDU-S4, or IPDU-S8.

After plugging the GSM-USB into the ENVIROMUX SEMS 16’s USB slot, the modem will power on and start searching for a signal to your SIM card provider’s network. The Enterprise Screen of the ENVIROMUX SEMS 16 will display a GSM Ready message, as well as signal strength to your SIM card providers network.

For the IPDU-S4 or IPDU-S8 once the GSM-USB connects to the USB Slot, the IPDU will need to be power cycled to reboot the unit. Once rebooted, the Enterprise Screen of the IPDU will display a GSM Ready message.

After the GSM Ready message displays, you will need to go to the configuration page and enable SMS messages as an alarm notification type for each sensor that should send an SMS alert. Next, you will need to select each user that should receive an SMS alert and enter their phone number. When the sensor goes into alarm, the selected users will receive an SMS alert at their specified phone numbers. To test the ENVIROMUX GSM-USB, you can simulate an alert in the sensor configuration page.

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