1. I can't find the manual for my NTI switch?
    If you do not have a manual (or have lost it), product manuals are available in PDF format on NTI's relevant web pages. Look for the PDF icon, usually located at the bottom of the page in the product's guide table.
pdf icon
PDF icon
example of pdf icon in table
Example of PDF icon in table

Here is a list of PDF Manuals on NTI's Website
Click on the manual name to download or choose the location and go to it's relevant page
Manual Description Location
MAN003 VOPEX-2V/4V/8V/16V-H (VGA Video splitter) vsplt-pc.html
MAN004 ST-1x2 PPM or MMP (Mac & PC KVM switch) mult-mc.html
MAN017 VOPEX-2KVIM-A (PC KVM splitter) kmspltpc.html
MAN025 ST-nXm (Multi-user / Multi-Platform KVM switch srvsw-mp.html
MAN026 KEEMUX-M2 (Mac KVM switch) srvsw-mc.html
MAN030 KEEMUX-S2 (Sun KVM switch) srvsw-sn.html
MAN032 VOPEX-2KSUN/3KSUN/2KM-SUN/3KM-SUN (Sun KVM splitter) kmspltsn.html
MAN033 ST-1x2-MMS or SSM (Mac & Sun switch) mult-mc.html
MAN034 SW-4M15D-2/4/6 (Mac Mechanical Switch) srvsw-mc.html
MAN042 ST-2U (Universal KVM switch) srvsw-stu.html
MAN047 VOPEX-2KM-MAC/4KM-MAC (Mac KVM splitter) kmspltmc.html
MAN049 KEEMUX-P2 (PS/2 KVM switch) srvsw-pc.html
MAN061 KEEMUX-S4/8/12/16/24/32 (Sun KVM Switch) srvsw-sn.html
MAN063 KEEMUX-M4/8/12/16/24/32 (Mac KVM Switch) srvsw-mc.html
MAN064 ST-4U/8U/12U/16U/24U/32U (Universal KVM Switch) srvsw-stu.html
MAN067 SM-XxX-15V/RGBS/RGBHV/RGBVLR-200M (Video Matrix Switch) vmtx.html
MAN070 Classroom Commander for PC class-pc1.html
MAN073 SE-MPV-2 (PC & Mac Video Switch) vidsw-mp.html
MAN074 SE-SPV-2 (PC & Sun Video Switch) vidsw-mp.html
MAN077 KEEMUX-P4/8/12/16/24/32 (PS/2 KVM Switch) srvsw-pc.html