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Workstation video splitter, BNC video splitter

coax distribution amplifier, numerous monitors one workstation

BNC Video Splitter

Drives multiple monitors from 1 workstation, up to 100 monitors show the same image

Also known as: Workstation video splitter, workstation splitter, video splitter, multiple monitors, video distribution amplifier
video port expander for Workstations, Multi monitor video splitter, One PC to numerous displays.

VOPEX-4A4H allows one PC to split video to numerous monitors
VOPEX-4A2H BNC Video Splitters (Front & Back)

Features & Applications

The VOPEX-3A2-H through VOPEX-5A8-H are BNC video splitters (video port expanders) for Workstations. With 500 MHz bandwidth, up to 100 of your highest resolution monitors will all display an image as crisp as the original.
  • Ideal for presentations or classrooms.
  • 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution with no degradation.
  • Numerous monitors can display the same video.
    • Cascade units to drive up to 100 monitors.
  • Splitters with RGB, RGBS & RGBHV signal formats are all available.
  • A 6-foot multicoax cable is included with each unit.
  • Adapter cables can convert to VGA or SUN video connectors.


Input Signals
  • Female BNC connectors.
  • RGB input/impedance: 75 Ohms for RGB.
  • Supports separate and composite TTL level sync and Sync on Green.
  • Sync input impedance: 2k Ohms
NTI Part # Hours NTI Part # Hours
VOPEX-3A2H 160,363 VOPEX-5A2H 158,480
VOPEX-3A4H 156,734 VOPEX-5A4H 154,444
VOPEX-3A8H 138,208 VOPEX-5A6H 165,548
VOPEX-4A2H 159,860 VOPEX-5A8H 159,632
VOPEX-4A4H 156,004
Output Signals
  • Female BNC connectors.
  • One volt into 75 Ohms for RGB.
  • Impedance of 75 Ohms (back terminated) for RGB.
  • Sync is TTL-compatible.
  • Bandwidth is 500 MHz.
  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C)
  • Storage temperature: -85 to 185°F (-65 to 85°C)
Regulatory Approvals
  • RoHS
  • Two years
VOPEX-4A-4H splits video to numerous displays, optional adapters allow multiple configurations

How to split BNC video to multiple displays.

BNC Video Splitters
NTI Part # # of
Desktop Size
WxDxH (In.)
Price $ # to Quote # to Buy
VOPEX-3A2H 2 RGB 8x6.2x2.6 $350
VOPEX-3A4H 4 RGB 8x6.2x2.6 $500
VOPEX-3A6H 6 RGB 8x6.2x2.6 $700
VOPEX-3A8H 8 RGB 8x6.2x2.6 $800
VOPEX-4A2H 2 RGBS 8x6.2x4 $400
VOPEX-4A4H 4 RGBS 8x6.2x4 $525
VOPEX-4A6H 6 RGBS 8x6.2x4 $725
VOPEX-4A8H 8 RGBS 8x6.2x4 $850
VOPEX-5A2H 2 RGBHV 8x6.2x4 $450
VOPEX-5A4H 4 RGBHV 8x6.2x4 $560
VOPEX-5A6H 6 RGBHV 8x6.2x4 $790
VOPEX-5A8H 8 RGBHV 8x6.2x4 $900
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