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Digital Signage How To

Extenders, Video Matrix Switches,
Multiple Displays, Video Quality Over CAT5

Digital Signage

Connect, Distribute and Display Digital Video and Audio Multimedia

Digital Signage

NTI Digital Signage Advantages

NTI has developed a unique set of flexible products to assist you in designing and installing a low cost, long lasting digital signage network. Our array of product choices gives you the flexibility to install a single display or multiple displays located up to 1000 feet away from your digital signage video source. Our distribution infrastructure will allow you to creatively reach your target audience with real-time information that is controllable, cost effective and secure. NTI Advantages
  • Quality manufacturing and dependability
  • Rigorous testing standards
  • High video resolution
  • Compatibility with more platforms than any other manufacturer
  • Expert technical support
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Two-year warranty

Digital Signage Point to Point Extension Application Drawing

Application drawing for Digital Signage - ST-C5HDTV-600 - CAT5 Cable Extends HDTV up to 600 feet
NTI's video and audio extenders distribute the sharpest and clearest video quality over CAT5 cables of any manufacturer to a local display and speakers for peak performance.
Splitter / Extenders
Broadcast up-to-the-minute information long distances to multiple displays and speakers in real-time with high resolution video signals along with digital audio signals.
Video Matrix Switches
Independently control versatile multi-input video and audio signals to multiple displays for the ultimate flexibility in distributing multimedia information.