USB & FireWire Hubs, Cables & Adapters

Connect multiple peripherals to USB and 1394 Firewire ports

App. Drawing - Connections of USB & Firewire Hubs, Cables, Extenders & Adapters
Connect up to 127 USB peripheral devices to your computer
Industrial USB 2.0 Hub, 7 Port


Connect up to seven USB 2.0 high-speed peripheral devices to a PC or MAC in harsh environments.

Extend keyboard and mouse up to 25 meters! Combined USB and VGA extension and interface
USB KVM Cables & Adapters

$3.00 - $150.00

All-in-1 USB KVM cables, USB PS2 adapters, and USB SUN adapters.

Extend FireWire devices with IEEE 1394 FireWire cables, IEEE 1394 FireWire keyboard cables
1394 FireWire Cables & Adapters

$1.25 - $7.80

Extend firewire devices up to 15 feet with IEEE 1394 FireWire cables and adapters.