NTI Distributor Program Benefits & Requirements

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NTI International Distributor Program Benefits & Requirements

NTI International Distributor Program Benefits

Dedicated Account Management
  • All NTI international distributors are assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative, providing:
    • Phone and email consultation.
    • Product briefings and technical assistance.
    • Recommendation of solutions for complex applications.
Equipment Demo/Eval Program
  • As an international distributor, you have the opportunity to purchase NTI products at discount prices for the sole purpose of demonstration.
  • With NTI's evaluation program, your customers can try any product risk-free for 30 days.
  • Marketing resources - product catalogs, brochures, data sheets, etc. - are available to all international distributors to help close sales.
  • International distributors receive the latest new product announcements, pricing and news via monthly e-mail newsletters.
Support Services
  • Free technical phone support to you and your customers.
  • Advanced replacement services.

NTI International Distributor Requirements

Revenue Commitments
  • International distributor must agree to make a minimum of $30,000 worth of product purchases per year.
    • International distributor is responsible for all VAT taxes, custom duties, and shipping fees.
NTI Marketing Support
  • Support NTI marketing initiatives in your respective region or vertical, including the addition of the NTI logo/website link on your website.
  • Submit marketing and co-op advertising ideas to NTI to grow sales for your company and NTI.
  • Agree to use your best efforts to vigorously promote and develop the goodwill and sale of NTI products in your respective region, and in connection make NTI products an integral part of your marketing and sales programs.

Note: NTI reserves the right to withdraw International distributor pricing at will. International distributor status is subject to annual review for compliance to above terms. International distributor agreement is subject to NTI's standard terms and conditions.

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