Video Quality Adjustment: Test Pattern for Cable Length and Skew

Video quality test pattern files for NTI's PS/2 KVM, USBKVM and VGA Extenders via CAT5.

Test Pattern for Cable Length and Skew

Test Pattern Files
Display Resolution Test Pattern Display Resolution Test Pattern
800x600 test-pattern-800x600.pdf
(179 KB)
1600x1200 test-pattern-1600x1200.pdf
(264 KB)
1024x768 test-pattern-1024x768.pdf
(205 KB)
1680x1050 test-pattern-1680x1050.pdf
(281 KB)
1280x960 test-pattern-1280x960.pdf
(357 KB)
1920x1080 test-pattern-1920x1080.pdf
(402 KB)
1280x1024 test-pattern-1280x1024.pdf
(399 KB)
1920x1200 test-pattern-1920x1080.pdf
(264 KB)
1400x1050 test-pattern-1400x1050.pdf
(401 KB)
1920x1440 test-pattern-1920x1440.pdf
(628 KB)
1440x900 test-pattern-1440x900.pdf
(348 KB)
2048x1536 test-pattern-2048x1536.pdf
(628 KB)

Note: The test pattern files must be downloaded to work properly. To download a test pattern file, right click the link and select 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'.
Note: Color skew adjustment is available on the ST-C5KVM(2A/RS/2ARS)-1000S and ST-C5V(2A/RS/2ARS)-1000S models only.