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Video Matrix Switch with New GUI Matrix Control Software Makes Signal Routing Easy

Video Matrix Switch with New GUI Matrix Control Software Makes Signal Routing Easy Click to zoom

NTI's Video Matrix Switch with New GUI Matrix Control Software
Makes Signal Routing Easy!

HANNOVER, GERMANY: Network Technologies Inc today announced that their new Matrix Control Software with Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been added as standard equipment on NTI's Video Matrix Switch. A video matrix switch is often used as the core of the signal management system in presentation applications. It simplifies the process of handling signal routing by allowing users to connect multiple video sources (i.e., computers) to multiple destinations (i.e., projectors, monitors, etc.). Signals from a range of input sources can be displayed on various output devices, in essence creating a "matrix" pattern of interconnection possibilities. This easy method of controlling complex presentations makes the Video Matrix Switch ideal for classrooms and boardrooms.

The new Matrix Control Software is included with every SM-nXm-15V-LCD Video Matrix Switch. It provides intuitive and powerful control over NTI video matrix switches using an RS232 connection. Controlling switches is easier than ever with Simple Drag 'n' Drop interfaces. Users can recall frequently used matrix switch configurations with the click of a button with the Save and Load feature. The new software is compatible with Microsoft Windows® 9x, NT4, 2K and ME.

The Video Matrix Switch is immediately available with up to 32 inputs and up to 16 outputs, and supports high-resolution 1900x1200 video. Each output on the Video Matrix Switch is buffered from each input, insuring that signal integrity is maintained throughout the system. For example, if a single computer video output is routed to ten computer video monitors, it should appear as if they were connected directly to the original source. Bandwidth specification is 200 MHz (a "worst case" when one input is connected to all of the outputs). 4- and 8-port models are also available in a desktop case, and custom configurations are available. Prices range from $660-$22,870. Infrared Control is optional.

NTI units connect between computers and peripherals, are easy to use, and require no special tools or software for immediate operation. Customer satisfaction is supported with a one-year warranty on all parts and labor and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Additional information on NTI's complete line of innovative KVM solutions (purchase online) can be accessed at http://www.nti1.com. Responsive customer service and technical support are also available to assist with product selection and user questions (800-742-8324, fax 330-562-1999, e-mail sales@ntigo.com).

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Network Technologies Inc (NTI), established in 1984, is a leading manufacturer of high quality IT and A/V solutions. NTI products (environment monitoring systems, multiviewers, extenders via CAT5, audio/video matrix switches, and KVM switches) are designed, manufactured and tested at the company headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, and are backed by a two-year warranty on all parts and labor. NTI products are used worldwide by leading companies in every industry, including manufacturing, semiconductor, retail, government, education, healthcare, financial services, entertainment, worship, broadcast, and telecommunications. NTI is dedicated to delivering solutions that are of exceptional quality, reliable performance and innovative technology. For more information, visit www.networktechinc.com.