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USB-C5 extends a USB computer up to 150 feet from 4 USB Peripherals Using CAT5 Cable

USB-C5 extends a USB computer up to 150 feet from 4 USB Peripherals Using CAT5 Cable Click to zoom

The USB-C5 extends a USB computer up to 150 feet from
4 USB Peripherals Using CAT5 Cable

HANNOVER, GERMANY: Network Technologies Inc today announced the addition of the USB-C5 Extender to its popular line of CAT5 extenders. The USB-C5 USB Extender connects one USB-enabled PC, SUN or MAC computer to four USB peripherals (keyboards, mice, cameras, printers, scanners, etc.) using unshielded CAT5 cable. This system breaks through the five-meter barrier on extending control of USB devices found with USB cables. Now users can extend control up to 150 feet from the host computer, making this system ideal for control of file servers or security surveillance cameras.

The USB Extender is comprised of a local unit and a remote unit, which are interconnected with CAT5 cable through their RJ45 connectors. The USB-C5 supports USB-enabled PCs and Suns and is priced at $180; the USB-C5-M for MacĀ® G3/G4s is priced at $220 and supports Mac soft (keyboard) Power-On. Both models are immediately available. This extender acts as a remote, built-in USB hub for multiple peripherals. Adding or changing peripherals is easy with simple Plug and Play. There is no need to shut down and restart the attached computer, as the CPU automatically detects the peripheral device and configures the necessary software. The extender can be used to connect any USB peripheral device (both low-speed and high-speed), simplifying peripheral extension as one standardized plug and port combination replaces all the different kinds of serial and parallel port connectors typically found on various peripheral devices. When using a compound device (for example, a Mac keyboard), the maximum cable length may be limited to 125 feet.

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Network Technologies Inc (NTI), established in 1984, is a leading manufacturer of high quality IT and A/V solutions. NTI products (environment monitoring systems, multiviewers, extenders via CAT5, audio/video matrix switches, and KVM switches) are designed, manufactured and tested at the company headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, and are backed by a two-year warranty on all parts and labor. NTI products are used worldwide by leading companies in every industry, including manufacturing, semiconductor, retail, government, education, healthcare, financial services, entertainment, worship, broadcast, and telecommunications. NTI is dedicated to delivering solutions that are of exceptional quality, reliable performance and innovative technology. For more information, visit www.networktechinc.com.