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NTI Introduces the VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender with Stereo Audio

NTI Introduces the VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender with Stereo Audio Click to zoom


Aurora, OH: Network Technologies Inc (NTI) today announced the addition of the VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender with Stereo Audio to its popular line of KVM Splitters. The unit allows up to eight users to control one USB computer located up to 1,000 feet away.

The VGA USB KVM Splitter/Extender allows up to eight remote users (8 USB keyboards, mice, and VGA monitors) to access one USB computer (PC, SUN, MAC) located up to 1,000 feet away using CAT5/5e/6 cable. Stereo audio can be broadcasted to self-powered stereo speakers at the local unit and each remote location.

The Splitter/Extender system has two components: the VOPEX-C5USBVA-x broadcast unit, which connects to a computer and provides local keyboard, monitor, and mouse connections; and a remote unit (ST-C5USBV(U/A/UA)-R-1000S) for each remote monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The units are interconnected by CAT5/5e/6 cable.

The local and remote units support ultra-high resolutions to 2048x1536 and automatically adjust video quality and color skew for crystal clear video with longer cables. The splitter provides local KVM access and USB ports, which can be used to connect printers, scanners, security cameras, etc. Multiple users can enter data into the same program. The system supports Plug-n-Play specifications and is easily expandable – simply add remote units as you add users. Support for DDC emulation and mixing enables convenient incorporation of different monitors and resolutions.

Constructed with high quality, rugged steel and a durable powder coat finish, the units come with built-in surge protection and are flash upgradeable. Optional support for remote USB touch screen monitors, CAC card readers, or interactive whiteboards requires the use of VOPEX-C5USBVUA-4/8 and ST-C5USBVU(A)-R-1000S.

Available for immediate sale, the VOPEX-C5USBV(U)A-x Splitter/Extenders cost between $435 and $1,095, and the ST-C5USBV(U/A/UA)-R-1000S remote units cost between $480 and $500.

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