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NTI's New Console Serial Switch Eliminates Costly Visits to Remote Sites

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NTI's New Console Serial Switch Eliminates Costly Visits to Remote Sites!

AURORA, OH: Network Technologies Inc announced the release of their new SERIMUX™ Console Serial Switch, which provides remote server management from one central location. This intelligent console switch provides a convenient method of connecting multiple RS232 devices for on-site and dial-up remote communications. Network administrators can manage server farms or data centers via serial ports and standard external modems (one at local site and one at remote site). Out-of-band access means administrators can control multiple UNIX computers and LAN/WAN components (servers, routers, network switches, and any other network devices allowing console operation using RS232) - even if the network is down! The administrator gains access to servers without interrupting service to end-users, maintaining optimal up-time. Obtain status, manage servers and diagnose problems, all without shutting down devices. Troubleshooting failures is simplified by built-in data buffers which save recent RS232 console output from each connected device.

The SERIMUX Console Serial Switch reduces utility and equipment costs by eliminating the need to connect each device to a dumb terminal or PC. Users can power-cycle the switch without halting Sun hosts. No inadvertent "break" signals are generated to cause unintentional rebooting.

NTI's console management system controls up to 32 devices with different baud rates, parity and character length. Two operator levels (user and administrator) are supported. Flexible control is built in, with any-to-any port switching. Remote access is secure, with port-specific names and passwords. Administrators can individually access and configure each port. The switch is controlled by push buttons on the front panel, or via a dumb terminal by a menu-driven integrated software. Three control modes are available: Buffer Mode, Link Mode and Command Mode. Each unit has DB9 male connectors for each serial device port, as well as one DB9 connector for the local terminal. A 1RU or 2RU rackmount case is standard.

The switch is immediately available in 8, 16, 24 and 32 port models, priced from $740 to $1,545.  


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Network Technologies Inc (NTI), established in 1984, is a leading manufacturer of high quality IT and A/V solutions. NTI products (environment monitoring systems, multiviewers, extenders via CAT5, audio/video matrix switches, and KVM switches) are designed, manufactured and tested at the company headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, and are backed by a two-year warranty on all parts and labor. NTI products are used worldwide by leading companies in every industry, including manufacturing, semiconductor, retail, government, education, healthcare, financial services, entertainment, worship, broadcast, and telecommunications. NTI is dedicated to delivering solutions that are of exceptional quality, reliable performance and innovative technology. For more information, visit www.networktechinc.com.