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Audio/Video CAT5 Matrix Switch 1000 feet

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Firmware Files for Audio/Video Matrix Switch via CAT5 up to 1,000 Feet

Product firmware updates, file upgrades, release notes.

Also known as: VEEMUX video matrix, matrix switch, video switcher,
video switch, video port router, video router, video matrices.

SM-16X64-C5AV-1000 Audio/Video Matrix Switch via CAT5 to 1,000 Feet: 16x16 to 16x64 The VEEMUX® Audio/Video Matrix Switch via CAT5 up to 1,000 feet routes audio and video inputs from many video sources to multiple displays (projectors, monitors, etc.) and speakers via inexpensive CAT5/5e/6 cable.

SM-16Xn-C5AV-1000 Ethernet Control Firmware Files

Firmware Version Firmware Download Release Notes Release Date
1.1 sm-16xn-c5av-v1-1.bin
(7.78 MB)
(0.4 KB)

NTI Switch Control Program

Program Version Program Download Installation Instructions Release Notes Release Date
3.2 setup.zip
(1.3 MB)
(1 KB)


Discovery Tool

Discovery Tool Version Discovery Tool Zip File Download Release Date
1.0 discovery.zip
(14 KB)


Note: Extract the two files contained in the discovery.zip file to the same local computer directory. The computer needs to be on the same physical network as your Video Matrix Switch to detect the device. To launch the Discover Tool, open the extracted Discovery.html file and follow the instructions provided.

Note: The Discovery Tool requires the Java Runtime Environment to operate.