DVI/VGA Quad Screen Multiviewer

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Also known as: Quad screen splitter, USB DVI KVM switch built-in quad splitter, video quad display, quad monitor

DVI/VGA Quad Screen Multiviewer

Firmware Files for SPLITMUX-DVI-4RT

DVI/VGA Quad Screen Multiviewer
SPLITMUX-DVI-4RT – The SPLITMUX® DVI/VGA Quad Screen Multiviewer simultaneously displays video from four different computers on a single monitor. Additionally, it can switch one of the four attached computers to a shared keyboard and mouse for operation and to four additional USB devices.

Firmware Files for SPLITMUX-DVI-4RT
Firmware Version Firmware Download Release Notes Release Date
4.11i splitmux-dvi-4rt-v4.11i.zip
(567 Kb)
(2 KB)

DCP Support files for SPLITMUX-DVI-4RT
Version Download Release Date
1.0 dcp-support.zip
(123 KB)