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NTI Enhances Its VEEMUX VGA Video Matrix Switches

NTI Enhances Its VEEMUX VGA Video Matrix Switches Click to zoom

VEEMUX® SM-16X16-C5AV-LCD (Front & Back) with a
ST-C5VA-L-600 Transmitter and ST-C5VA-R-600 Receiver

Aurora, OH: Network Technologies Inc (NTI) announces a new firmware file (v1.19) for its line of VEEMUX VGA Video Matrix Switches, which include the SM-nXm-15V-LCD, SM-nXm-AV-LCD and SM-nXm-C5AV-LCD switches. The update adds support for multiple users with administrative control over user access on a port by port basis.

The new firmware file (v1.19) enables administrators to delegate restricted control to multiple users. Administrators can now add up to fifteen unique user accounts with full or limited access to selected ports. Unlike the administrator, who will also have access to User Management, Video Input Names, Video Output Names, Scanning Sequences, Update Firmware and Update Web Server options, users will only be able to switch their assigned ports and change their password if necessary. These regulations allow administrators to restrict the viewing of classified inputs by limiting the users' controllable outputs.

Up to sixteen simultaneous users, including the administrator, can be logged in at the same time, and the same user account and password can be logged in from more than one location, granting group access to particular ports if needed.

With the new firmware file (v1.19), administrators can maximize the handling of the Video Matrix Switch by assigning user control without compromising the integrity of their system through restricted access to ports.

Available for immediate download, the new firmware file (v1.19) can be found at:

To find out more about the VEEMUX Video Matrix Switches, visit:

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