High Density USB KVM Matrix Switch

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High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch

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Also known as: Industrial VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch, multiple users control many USB PC SUN MAC Computers, rackmount USB KVM matrix switcher.

High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix Switch

Firmware Files for UNIMUX-nXm-UHD

USB KVM switches allow one keyboard, monitor and mouse to control multiple PCs.
UNIMUX-nXm-UHD - The UNIMUX™ High Density VGA USB KVM Matrix switch allows up to four users to individually command or simultaneously share up to 32 USB computers. Access USB-enabled PC, SUN, and MAC computers using USB keyboards and mice, and VGA multiscan monitors.

Firmware Version Firmware Download Release Notes Release Date
1.29 unimux-nxm-hd-v1-29.zip
(106 KB)
(6 KB)
1.25 unimux-nxm-hd-v1-25.zip
(106 KB)
1.23.1 unimux-nxm-hd-v1-23-1.zip
(105 KB)
1.23 unimux-nxm-hd-v1-23.zip
(105 KB)
1.20 unimux-nxm-hd-v1-20.zip
(105 KB)

Note: How to download Firmware updates, right click the update link and select 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'.

Note: Page #57 in the manual provides instruction for updating your firmware. It includes instruction to determine the version of firmware running in your UNIMUX. The chart below is used to identify the version numbers for two of the three types of firmware that can be updated in your UNIMUX. Use it to determine if an update is necessary for you. The release notes, included with your firmware download zip file, also include notices as to when the HID and Vendor Specific Port Controller firmware should be updated.

Firmware File Checksums for Vendor Specific Port Controllers
File Name Version Checksum
unimux-muhd-cpvd1-18.hex 1.18 489d

Firmware File Checksums for HID Specific Port Controllers
File Name Version Checksum
unimux-muhd-cpkm1-23.hex 1.23 b94c

NTI Switch Control Program
Program Version Program Download Installation Instructions Release Notes Release Date
3.2 setup.zip
(1.3 MB)
(1 KB)